25 NOVEMBER 2021

Arbeitsgruppe für Strategien zum Batterierecycling
in Österreich mit Schwerpunkt Lithium

FV Entsorgungs - und Ressourcenmanagement - weTHINK.eu

Ziel der Arbeitsgruppe:
- Erstellung eines Policy Papers basierend auf den Meinungen und Ideen der
- Einbringen der Ideen in den Entscheidungsprozess zur EU Batterieverordnung

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08 DECEMBER 2021

weTHINK.eu UAV/UGVs and Near Future Conflicts Group Meeting

During this event we want to bring together all key strategy actors: technical experts, military members, industry representatives, conflict analysts, and legal and social science scholars concerned with UAV and UGV use, with an emphasis on Europe and more.

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02 DECEMBER 2021

Public infrastructure planning financing and procurement

This event focuses on knowledge exchange in public procurement in construction. How can we support a sustainable construction?

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09 DECEMBER 2021

weTHINK.eu Waste Circularity Group meeting - December

In this meeting we will talk about different aspects on how to improve waste circularity in Europe. We will Brainstorming on strategic, legal, political, administrative and economic challenges and solutions to improve waste circularity.

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Step 1

Networking with people from different sectors

During our events you have the opportunity to meet new people and create a new partnerships.

Step 2

Exchanging Ideas and Knowledge

You have the chance to share your knowledge on different topics or gain new insights.

Step 3

Creating impact by implementing ideas

At the end of an event, many great ideas have been gathered and the next step is to implement those.

Our Partners

How do we bring them together?

21.-22. SEPTEMBER 2021

BIM Training - Introduction and Technical Insights

On the first day, the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be presented and more. The second day of training will introduce participants to the 4D/5D integrated approach, creating a database of work positions, creating and analyzing a dynamic plan, and more.

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Water and Wastewater Group meeting - September

In this meeting we will talk about strategic challenges and solutions for water circularity in Europe, wastewater technical challenges and solutions.

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Our Moderators and Projects

Sorin Cebotari

European Strategy for Public Procurement

Given the importance of public procurement in attaining our socio-economic and environmental goals, it is highly important that we outline an effective and context-sensitive strategy on how to improve public procurement in construction.