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10-11 MAY 2021

weTHINK. Sustainable Construction Conference: Beyond Ideas – Towards Impact

2 day event containing general panel discussion on what are the newest evolutions, challenges problems and needed changes for public procurement in Europe.

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Step 1

Networking with people from different sectors

During our events you have the opportunity to meet new people and create a new partnerships.

Step 2

Exchanging Ideas and Knowledge

You have the chance to share your knowledge on different topics or gain new insights.

Step 3

Creating impact by implementing ideas

At the end of an event, many great ideas have been gathered and the next step is to implement those.

Events 2021

12 MAY 2021

weTHINK. Cyber Security Conference: Forecasting Near Future Threats and Possible Mitigation Strategies European Cyber Security Network brings together all key cyber security actors from Europe.

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17 JUNE 2021

Enhancing public-private partnerships as circular waste-management business models

For a circular economy it is essential to recycle materials from waste in order 'to close the loop'. The recovery of energy from waste also plays an important role.

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14 JULY 2021

Railway Infrastructure – Asset Management

An event on Life Cycle Management (LCM), Life Cycle Costs (LCC), Sustainability, Proof of Economic Efficiency with a special focus on Track Superstructure. Presented by Prof. Dr. Peter Veit from the Graz University of Technology in Austria.

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6-7 October. 2021 and 13-14 October 2021

weTHINK. Annual Conference "Sustainable Infrastructure"

A 4 days event that combines general panel presentation and discussion, trade fair, interactive working groups and training to discuss sustainable infrastructure development.

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Our Moderators and Projects

Sorin Cebotari

European Strategy for Public Procurement

Given the importance of public procurement in attaining our socio-economic and environmental goals, it is highly important that we outline an effective and context-sensitive strategy on how to improve public procurement in construction.

Kaja Primorac

weBuildBackSmart Business Platform

Join us in creating a common vision for the future to unleash the potential of Southeastern Europe through the up-coming Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 of the European Union. By making every voice count, the weBuildBackSmart initiative will not only facilitate a much needed platform for forming future consortiums in the field of green, smart and digital initiatives, but also foster a much needed debate on the economic and social future of Europe.