weTHINK. Partners

Do you want to become a partner? When joining our partners, you are able to join all our events, have your own showroom to display your products and more. 

What awaits you as a Partner

Logo Placement

You are able to place your logo either on our frontpage or even during our bi-monthly working group meetings or the two annual events.

Participation in all Events

You gain access to all our events during the year - not just the free ones.

Access to Showrooms

Our Showrooms allow you to display your products and services. Potential clients can get in touch with you directly through our Showrooms.

Presentation of your servies

During our meetings and events you are able to present your different services.

Invite partners of your interest

As a partner you are able to invite partners of your interest to join the discussion and participate.

Choose key partners and define topics

Identify key partners and bring them into the discussion of a topic you are interested in.

Sounds interesting?

You want to discuss with other people, exchange knowledge, share your services, display your products and make a difference? Click the button below to  get in touch with us for an offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you!