Investor Pitch

 ….revolutionizes how strategies and projects are developed for a better world.

is a moderated online social network with crowd knowledge and forecasting tools.

…brings together the most influential strategy makers, such as ministries, chambers of commerce, trade unions, and companies in exclusive topical groups.

Ideas that spark new fires

What is the added value of weTHINK?

  • To maximize the numbers of participations compared to classical approaches of strategy development through conferences and position papers and face to face meetings.   
  • To reduce transaction costs.
  • To maximize participants’ interaction rate by constantly engaging through continued online discussion instead of relying on classical conferences. 
  • To give every participant the same voice in the strategy development approach in contrast to classical lobbying.
  • To establish coalitions to develop business projects and financing.

How are revenues generated?

Revenues are generated by membership fees for the topical groups defined by the research moderators and percentage based fees for established business projects.

Moderators are universities, chambers of commerce, analysts, consultants, think tanks and consulting companies that conduct projects on their own risk.

weTHINK. provides training, marketing and network building, brand, online platform, and grants and financing of topical groups in a franchise approach.

The use of a franchise approach allows to scale the number of projects rapidly.

weTHINK. gets a percentage of the revenues generated by the topical groups.

Topic groups help each other through exchange networks and best practices.

For researchers and experts it is an interesting way to monetize their knowledge and network on a part time basis.

What are our Goals?

To become the largest online social network facilitating the strategy development in business and society.

To become the largest online social network for moderated strategy and projects development worldwide. 

Largest Online Network
Strategy Development

How does weTHINK. work?

Create your own Strategy Group

Here at weTHINK., we bring together companies, ministries, chambers of commerce, associations, NGOs, and researchers in moderated strategy groups.

Share your ideas and knowledge

Inside of the Strategy Groups we develop strategies in a bottom-up approach directly on weTHINK. by mapping strengths and weaknesses, exchanging best practices, developing strategy recommendations, and developing new project ideas. 

Manage everything in your personal profile

To keep yourself up to date, you can view all of your contacts, strategy projects and groups in your profile. Additionally, you can get in touch with all the important people by writing them a message.

Our Partners

Timeplan and Milestones

Ingo Mayr-Knoch

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Wolfgang Mayr-Knoch

Networking and Sales

Sorin Cebotari, PhD

Project Manager - weTHINK. Construction

Kaja Primorac

Project Manager - weBuildBackSmart

Faris Kocan

Project Manager

Stefan Dimitrijevic

Communication Manager

What do we expect from our investors?

Shared vision and goals

We want to build the biggest social network in Europe. We need a group of investors that share our approach.

Commitment to rapid growth

We know that scaling up a business can be a challenge. We want a group of investors that can support us with know-how and connections and capital.

Adherence to european values

We are more than a business model. We want to build a stronger Europe and a better world with our approach. Our investors have to match and support this idea.