welcome, thinker.

Who do we bring together?

We bring together the most influential strategy makers from industry sectors, ministries, chambers of commerce, industry associations, companies, municipalities, universities, research centers, and more.

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What do we do?

Together we map challenges and solutions, develop strategies (political, financial, and legal environment) in a bottom-up approach.

We do this to exchange knowledge, best practices, to develop new business projects between participating institutions, to build coalitions and establish financing to realize them, to conduct online training and webinars, to enable innovations, and build a green future in the framework of the EU green deal.

weTHINK. Partners

weTHINK. Construction

We bring together relevant people in the construction industry to discuss how we want to improve it. weTHINK. Construction has come to a long road: Over the last year, we established 50+ partnerships and hosted 3 roundtables with the attendance of over 300 stakeholders. Together with over 300 stakeholders, we conducted interviews and identified challenges and solutions

weTHINK. Sustainable Europe

Bringing together all THINKERS from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe to engage and develop inclusive, bottom-up and people-centred strategies. WeTHINK Sustainable Europe fosters cross-border peer-learning experiences, execute concrete projects, and develop strategy recommendations to improve social, legal and political environment. In doing so, we aim to change the mindset of people and facilitate a stimulative environment for sustainable, green and digital transformation of Europe from different sectors.