Partners Showroom

Our Showrooms enable you to display your products. You can add all of your flyers to our media carousel and even upload a video, showcasing what you offer. Potential clients can directly ask questions through the discussion tool in each Showroom. NOTE: You need to be logged in in order to view the Showroom. Login here.

The new platform just launched

Join our social network!

You want to discuss with other people on topics like construction or sustainability? Join our Strategy Groups and share or discuss on! Click the button below to register and join our groups. If you are not sure how to do that, check out our FAQ page or contact us at

Create your own Strategy Group

Here at weTHINK., we bring together companies, ministries, chambers of commerce, associations, NGOs, and researchers in moderated strategy groups. You are able to exchange knowledge, ideas and thoughts with others. Through the strategy groups you can network with likeminded people. 

Share your ideas and knowledge

Inside of the Strategy Groups we develop strategies in a bottom-up approach directly on weTHINK. by mapping strengths and weaknesses, exchanging best practices, developing strategy recommendations, and developing new project ideas. 

Manage everything in your personal profile

To keep yourself up to date, you can view all of your contacts, strategy projects and groups in your profile. Additionally, you can get in touch with all the important people by writing them a message.

Share your knowledge in our Learning Platform

You can share or exchange knowledge with the help of our Learning Platform. Upload your instruction video, share files and discuss with the course members in the comment section.