Most frequent questions and answers

Note: Please make sure, that you have picked the correct Membership + Month(s) on the registration page!


Go to the registration page. 

Go to “Click here to enter your discount code“. 

After clicking on the link, a small box appears. Now you can enter your Discount Code. 

Copy and paste your Discount Code inside of the box.

A banner will appear, after you have entered your Discount Code successfully. 

How do I join a group?

Note: Please make sure, that you are signed-up on wethink.eu

Go to the Strategy Groups page.

Pick a group you would like to join and click on “View group”.

After clicking on the button you will be invited to request membership to join the group. Your request should be accepted within 24h. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@wethink.eu.