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At weTHINK. we also regularly host events on certain topics, such as sustainability or construction. Keep an eye on our calendar and sign-up to participate, share your knowledge and network with NGOs, companies, ministries or researchers. 

Featured Projects

European Strategy for Public Procurement

Given the importance of public procurement in attaining our socio-economic and environmental goals, it is highly important that we outline an effective and context-sensitive strategy on how to improve public procurement in construction.

weBuildBackSmart Inititaitve

Join us in creating a common vision for the future to unleash the potential of Southeastern Europe through the up-coming Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 of the European Union. By making every voice count, the weBuildBackSmart initiative will not only facilitate a much needed platform for forming future consortiums in the field of green, smart and digital initiatives, but also foster a much needed debate on the economic and social future of Europe. 

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