Salonit Anhovo and Interenergo sign an agreement on the construction of one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in Slovenia.

Today, on the 31st of August, Salonit strengthened its ambition to become a carbon-free cement production plant by signing an agreement with Interenergo for the construction of one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in Slovenia. The solar power plant will produce 2,120 MWh of electricity annually and has a peak power of 2,2 MWp. With the new solar power plant, Salonit will indirectly contribute to the reduction of up to 995 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Construction will begin at the end of November 2021 and is expected to be completed in May 2022, when the power plant will also start operating. This will be one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia, as its net area will cover 11,180 m2, comparable to 1.5 times the size of a football field.

The Salonit Anhovo cement production plant and Interenergo will approach the construction of the solar power plant as a partnership between the energy consumer and the energy service provider. All expected electricity produced, which is approximately 2,120 MWh, will be purchased by Salonit Anhovo directly from Interenergo. The electricity produced will be completely consumed in the production process of Salonit Anhovo, without burdening the transmission and distribution network.

“This is an important step towards the realisation of the development plans of Salonit Anhovo, which is committed to sustainable development and a gradual transformation to a carbon-free operation of the cement production plant by 2035. Cement production is a very energy-intensive activity, so in light of the green transition, it is important to increase the energy share from renewable sources, as well as improve the energy efficiency of the process by investing in the latest technologies,” said Salonit Anhovo CEO, Julijan Fortunat. Dr. Tomaž Vuk, Member of the Management Board of Salonit Anhovo, added that “investments in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and new business models are crucial for the cement production plant because this reduces the environmental footprint.”

At Salonit Anhovo, we are convinced that the project integration of companies from different industries will be decisive for the success of the green transformation. “It is important to find the right interlocutors with whom we share similar goals and vision in implementing the green transition. Interenergo has proved to be a very competent and responsive partner. We are very pleased that together we can form a quality partnership in renewable energy sources,” says Mag. Dejan Zwitter, Member of the Management Board of Salonit Anhovo.

Interenergo, which has been entrusted with the construction of the solar power plant by Salonit Anhovo, emphasises: “Solar power plants enable reliable and environmentally friendly production of electricity, which is being chosen by more and more domestic and foreign companies. As a reliable energy partner and investor, Interenergo can provide its own electricity production to business entities. It is a model of energy contracting which represents a partnership between the energy consumer in the facility and the energy service provider.”

Salonit Anhovo presented its development plants at the recent celebration of the 100th anniversary
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FOTO: A snapshot from the signing of the contract – from left: Mag. Dejan Zwitter,
member of the board of Salonit Anhovo, Blaž Šterk, Managing Director of Interenergo, Dr. Tomaž
Vuk, member of the board of Salonit Anhovo.