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Artificial Intelligence in Construction

The last time we spoke about artificial intelligence in sustainability. But it does not stop there. Artificial intelligence in construction helps in numerous things: Such as more efficient planning or even reducing construction waste. This blog post gives an overview of what artificial intelligence in construction can do and what benefits it has to introduce artificial intelligence into the construction process.

Artificial Intelligence in Sustainability – The planet has a future

Artificial Intelligence cannot only help in day-to-day business but also our environment. And just like a chatbot can help with customer support, artificial intelligence can help to save our planet. We can teach it how to create smart decisions, for example, to distribute energy in a smart and sustainable way. It can gather a lot of knowledge by data that we feed it. So let’s dive into the possibilities of how artificial intelligence helps sustainability and how it may help to save the planet.

Advantages, Disadvantages and Myths around Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is integrated into our everyday life – take a smartphone as an example. This kind of technology can be used for various things, such as digital assistance, such as a chatbot or it can take over repetitive jobs and reduce errors. But artificial intelligence also has its downsides. It is rather an expansive tool and might have us rely on it too much. There also myths surrounding this kind of technology. This blog post will dive into the advantages, disadvantages, and myths of artificial intelligence.