It has now become obvious that to foster a durable and resilient economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis, much more than a return to ‘business as usual’ is required. To foster a green and digital growth of Southeastern European countries’ economies, the weTHINK. launched a weBuildBackSmart Initiative. Using an innovative strategy-making approach, including all relevant stakeholders and considering every single opinion-maker participating, weTHINK. strives at creating a strong network of so called smart THINKERS – businesses and other stakeholders that can significantly contribute to building smart communities in their local environments and in the region.

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15 APRIL 2021

Rethinking waste-management and recycling through circular business models

A conference with a focus on financing opportunities and investment possibilities for companies in the field of waste-management and plastics.

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17 JUNE 2021

Enhancing public-private partnerships as circular waste-management business models

For a circular economy it is essential to recycle materials from waste in order 'to close the loop'. The recovery of energy from waste also plays an important role.

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Goals and Overview

Goal 1

Regional community and network building

in order to establish cooperation on different levels; also for the later forming of potential consortiums and responding to the new realities together

Goal 2

Cross-boarder peer-learning experience

through which the already established good practices are not already presented, but also represented by the people implementing them

Goal 3

Forecasting potential future tech-solutions needed

by discussing the remaining challenges and obstacles in the communities built

Focus Topics

Waste Management

Within the EU environmental acquis, waste-management is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of the resources – both human and financial – needed for the adaptation of the relevant EU legislation and implementation of this new circular agenda.

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ver the past 50 years, the role and importance of plastics in our economy has consistently grown. In the EU, the potential for recycling plastic waste remains largely unexploited. Reuse and recycling of end-of-use plastics remains very low, particularly in comparison with other materials such as paper, glass or metals.

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The energy sector in Southeast Europe faces a unique dual transition, a challenge without any precedent in the field of energy: transition from a centralised state-controlled system to open and competitive markets, and transition towards decarbonisation.

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Presentation 1

5 QUESTIONS For Circular Economy Changemakers

MSc Ladeja Godina Košir

5 QUESTIONS For Circular Economy Changemakers

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Presentation 2

Circular economy developments within the region - Slovenia

Antonia Bozic Cerar CCIS – environmental department

Circular economy developments within the region - Slovenia

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Presentation 3

EU funding opportunities for companies between 2021 – 2027

Kristina Kočet Hudrap, Tiko Pro d.o.o.

EU funding opportunities for companies between 2021 – 2027

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Presentation 4

Financing Circular Economy: Business and Enablers

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Financing Circular Economy: Business and Enablers

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Funding Opportunities

NameDeadlineCo-FundingParticipation criteriaDurationPartnershipR&D Activities
Green Deal26.1.2021Depending on the call (70% - 100%)Consortium, 10-25 participantsDepending on the call (36-48 months)Innovation action and research and innovation actionThematic areas:
  • Increasing climate ambition
  • Clean, affordable and secure energy
  • Industry for a clean and circular economy
  • Energy and resource efficient buildings
  • Sustainable and smart mobility
  • Farm to fork
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Zero-pollution, toxic-free enviroments
Eurostars4.2.2021Depending on national rules (40%-80%)3.R&D performing SME as project leaderMax. 36 monthsSMEs, universities and research centres
  • Industrial research
  • Experimental development
Inovative found10.3.202160% (budget €2.8M-€7.5M)
  • Innovative low
  • carbon technologies and processes in energy
  • intensive industries, including products substituting carbon
  • intensive ones
  • Carbon capture and utilisation
  • Construction and operation of carbon capture and storage
  • Innovative renewable energy generation
  • Energy storage
Max. 48 monthsMin. nuber of personis one – must be a legal person and one of: -private entity -public entity -international organisation